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Why the Women's Network?

The Women’s Network, Advocates for Democratic Principles, is dedicated to the achievement of a society that is both free and fair, embracing the Four Freedoms set forth by Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Core Principles of the Democratic Party.

Educate, Motivate, Advocate, ActivateThe Network seeks to recapture and promote the principles that historically have distinguished the Democratic Party as the party that reflects true American MORAL VALUES: inclusion, diversity, and honest "compassion." We seek a government that ensures a safety net for those who are not able to help themselves, and pays attention to the needs of working men and women and their families; and a party which promotes prosperity for the vast body of citizens, rather than the few.

The Women's Network is committed to activating Kentucky women to take part in the political process, strengthening their influence and inclusion in policy- making decisions We invite you to join this rapidly growing statewide organization. Help us expand our positive influence on local, state and national elections and educate Kentuckians about what Democrats stand for—true American values. Help us involve thousands of women in the grass roots efforts to improve the lives of women and families by supporting Democratic principles and candidates who abide by those principles.

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